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About Us

After several years of making candles for myself, my family and friends, I decided to take the plunge and make a business out of what I loved doing, and in 2009 ScentedHouse came to life.  

My love of being able to create products to fragrance my home began, to be able to create serenity and calmness by lighting a candle or dispersing some oils into the air to scent your home was wonderful. The ability to take you back to a memory of somewhere you have been or someone you know, is magical to me.

I pride myself on making my products accessible to all and do not compromise on quality at any stage of production. Only hand pouring the highest quality of 100% soy wax made, using lead free wicks and always loading candles with the maximum load allowable of fragrance oils to guarantee your satisfaction.  

I am continuously looking for new innovations in the world of scents and fragrances and am always excited to bring you our latest products.

xx Silvia

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