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These gorgeous glass electric diffusers will scent you home with only 3 drops of our Fragrance Oils. They last between 4-6 hours for each fill. 


They are colour changing and can be used with or without the lights. You can set them on your favourite colour or have them change colour slowly.


These diffusers use electronic frequencies to create vibrations in water which creates a fine mist of water and oils that is released into the air.


They automatically shut off when the water has been used so they are safe and effective to use in your homes. 



Ensure your Diffuser is always placed on a flat surface and remains upright during operation.


Always ensure you empty water from the back of the diffuser (always avoid the air vent when emptying water)


Always unplug your Diffuser during filling and cleaning and when the unit is not in use


Keep out of reach of children and pets 


Do not leave unattended


Your diffuser includes a manual with specific cleaning instructions

Black Enchanted Tree Electric Diffuser

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